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The Release of a New Data Scraping Device
As a top-notch E-solution and Analytical brand, DataSunday gives monumental importance to using ideal extracted data as a blueprint in the decision-making process of every part of a business. This high level of importance we give to product data prompts us to search for better ways to go about data scraping, and it has inspired us to create DataSunday Scraper 2.0.
This version is a significant upgrade that has resolve existing pain points such as:
  • Inability to save access keys for subsequent usage and lack of updates on product data.
  • Limited number of product URLs to be processed for scrap at once.
  • Loss of data while scraping.
Resolved Pain Points
  • Ability to Save Access key: this new development allows saving access keys, so, when next you need to scrape data, you wouldn't have to start the process all over again. Also, you could remove any previously saved access key.
  • Getting updates on saved product URLs: coupled with the fact that you can save bulk URLs, users also have the ability to track and sync changes in the prices of these products as well as changes in the products in the store of their  competitors. Additionally, you get first hand information on new product categories.
  • Unlimited URLs: for product URLs, you can enter as many as 100 bulk URLs and even save them, just like access keys.
  • No loss of data: while scraping data, issues could come up that can stop the data scraping process and cause loss of data. Fortunately, with this update, if such happens, you can restart extraction without losing previously scraped data. 
Other Features of this New Development 
  • Seamless Data Scraping: this version is an upgrade that allows you to effortlessly get data on prices, sales, and product details of various products on Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, Aliexpress, Tokopedia, and 1688.com. Later on, we will update it for usage on other chrome extensions too.
  • It enables you to export all the product info you have got to your CSV after scraping.
  • It is versatile in the sense that you can use either bulk URLs of multiple/single products category or both. 
Benefits of this Scraper
  • Losing extracted data: With this new development, you can't lose any product data at any point of data scraping exercise.
  • Difficulties in scraping: An efficient scraper is often needed to complete a data scraping exercise. Various data scrapers might fail at this, but this development is apt.
  • Network issues and unknown errors: These are recurring issues people often run into while scraping data but, here, it is limited.
How to use / How it works
This new version comes with unique features with usabilities that is second to none. Firstly, you open the data scraper, then:
ENTER ACCESS KEY: Input an access key in the displayed vacant tab demanding for it. Afterward, proceed to save it so there won't be a repetition of such for subsequent usage.
ENTER BULK URL: After that, paste the bulk URLs. These URLs could be as many as 100. It can contain multiple/single product URLs or category URLs or even both.
INITIATE DATA SCRAPING: Forthwith the two have been done, you then click on the data extraction icon to initiate data scraping. In case any bug comes up while scraping, you could restart without losing previously scraped data.
In summary, this is a nice update and version everyone craving for product data should get. It has made the scraping process faster, better and more efficient.
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