Argh, Still sell on Amazon? Diversify your sales channels to avoid being the next victim

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"Since April this year, Amazon has banned many online sellers from China. According to statistics from the Shenzhen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association, more than 50,000 Chinese sellers have been blocked within 2 months, which has caused over 100 billion yuan industry losses. " published by a Chinese newspaper.


If an e-commerce business has only 1 or 2 sales channels such as Amazon, not only will the exposure to customers be limited, but may also due to platform policy changes, system maintenance and other politics, the store will be closed at any time. It will affect the reputation and reliability in the long-run while the loss of customers will be desperate.


On the other hand, the development of multiple sales channels would increase the burden of manpower to run the stores. Is there a way to develop and maintain multiple sales channels at a low cost?


DataSunday uses the latest retail technology to develop a one-stop e-Commerce management platform. e-Commerce sellers can manage seller accounts on multiple e-Commerce platforms through the integrated platform. Automatically synchronize inventory, translate display languages, set different pricing strategies, and there’s much more can be tracked centrally.


In one-click, you could ...

⭐ Source the trending products on major e-Commerce platforms

⭐ Manage multiple e-Commerce stores on different platforms

⭐ Automate your dropshipping business


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