Be Your Own Boss: It is 2021, Data really matters 踏上老闆之路:數據乃不可或缺的一環

“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.” – Ronald H. Coase

You have a few things to think about before kicking-start the business.
1. What is your target market? What are you going to sell? (see the previous post)
2. How to gather up-to-date product and market information?
3. How to automate the business process from sourcing, pricing, to selling?

Running an online business makes business data analysis effortless. Data analysis could cost a lot of resources in the past.

From data collection, cleaning, to data analysis, interpretation, and finally visualization (unless you prefer to read a bunch of numbers).

So, what data could we gather and utilize in our daily business?

Traditional data including sales, inventory, margin, etc., and website data like visits, session duration, visit by traffic channel, etc. are all useful and probably could bring you insights on improving the product portfolio, marketing campaign, or even the whole business model.

With the help of the latest technology, you can even seamlessly track and analyze the comments from your customers and suppliers on various platforms.

Let's get rid of the slow-selling products and increase the margin instantly with the help of the DataSunday data scrapers.

DataSunday is here to help you to collect the most up-to-date product, transaction and customer behaviour data from major E-Commerce marketplaces.


Feel free to reach us out anytime if you are interested to know more about how to increase the sales margin and reduce the unnecessary expense through data analysis. Ciao!

「如果折磨數據足夠長的時間,它將坦白一切。」 – 羅納德·H·科斯(Ronald H. Coase)

1. 您的目標市場是什麼? 你打算賣什麼? (請參閱上一篇文章)
2. 如何收集最新的產品和市場信息?
3. 如何使從採購,定價到銷售的業務流程自動化?

傳統數據(包括銷售額、利潤率等)以及網站數據(如訪問次數、訪問時長等)可以為您帶來有關改善產品組合和營銷活動的見解。 您甚至可以分析來自各個銷售平台的客戶評論。



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