Dropshipping 101【2】 直運 Dropshipping 全攻略

Let’s have a look at the benefits of dropshipping! After reading "Dropshipping 101【1】”, you could probably tell the first one: less capital is required, and it is much easier to start a dropshipping business.

You do not need to purchase a bunch of inventory before kicking-start the business. You will purchase the goods from suppliers only when you made a deal. No inventory upfront, no cost upfront.

Hence, the second benefit is lower overhead cost. You do not need to keep the inventory in a warehouse which induces huge, and regular holding cost. Moreover, some businesses do not even need to deal with shipping issues.

Third, you can run the business wherever you could connect to the internet! This is especially favorable to those wanted to position themselves as a borderless brand. And, we comes to the fourth benefit, you can have a muchhh wider product portfolio. You can add trending products immediately if the suppliers stock them.

Finally, you can scale up your business easily, as long as you have streamlined the business procedures. Sales growth always come with workload growth, but not for a dropshipping business. In other words, the 3x orders will lead to 3x revenue but not 3x workload and pain.

How to streamline the dropshipping procedure? Check out https://datasunday.com/pages/overview-dropship-solution !

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在第二集,讓我們看看直運的優勢!看完直運 Dropshipping 全攻略【1】後,您大概已經能想到第一個:可以用極少資金開展直運業務。皆因在正式營運前,您無需準備大量庫存。只有當您收到訂單時,您才會向供應商購買商品。無需前期庫存,即無前期成本



最後,只要您知道如何簡化直運的業務流程,您就可以輕鬆擴展業務。通常銷售增長總是伴隨著工作量的增長,但直運業務不會。換句話說,3 倍的訂單會帶來 3 倍的收入,但不會帶來 3 倍的工作量。


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