I am selling on _____, could I get empowered? 我在_____上銷售商品,我可以借助DataSunday發掘更多商機嗎?

There are many E-commerce platforms out there nowadays.

For instance,
- Amazon (worldwide)
- ebay (worldwide)
- Lazada.com (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam)
- Shopee.com (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philiphines)
- Tokopedia (Indonesia)
- Taobao (China)
- Tmall (China)
- JD.com (China)
- 1688.com (China)
- Rakuten.co.jp (Japan)
- Gmarket.com (South Korea)
- Price.com.hk (Hong Kong)

The solutions of DataSunday are applicable on all the above platform. If you ever thought about how to get valuable data from your E-commerce marketplace and discover more business opportunities, it is time to check out our solutions. Click the link to see video demonstration: https://datasunday.com/collections/ecommerce-data-extraction

You can gather a bunch of complete data for further analysis such as margin analysis, competitor analysis, etc.

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- 亞馬遜(全球)
- ebay(全球)
- Lazada.com(新加坡,馬來西亞,泰國,印尼,越南)
- Shopee.com(新加坡,馬來西亞,泰國,印尼,越南,台灣,菲律賓)
- Tokopedia(印尼)
- 淘寶(中國)
- 天貓(中國)
- 京東(中國)
- 1688.com(中國)
- Rakuten.co.jp(日本)
- Gmarket.com(韓國)
- Price.com.hk(香港)

DataSunday的方案適用於上述所有平台。 如果您想過如何從電子商務市場中獲取有價值的數據並發現更多商機,該是時候來看看我們的解決方案了。 請即到 https://datasunday.com/collections/ecommerce-data-extraction 觀看示範影片。


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