Extract, Convert & List to marketplaces


Why you need DataSunday?

  • You want to source Taobao and Tmall products and sell to Amazon, ebay or Facebook?
  • You want to earn part-time income with limited spare time?
  • You want to start your own eCommerce business but do not own any inventories?
  • You do not have time, HTML skills and image software knowledge to develop the product listing page?
  • You do own any UPC code to list products to Amazon?

DataSunday resolves all what you need to start eCommerce without holding any inventories

With Datasunday, you can easy to source any products in Asia and sell them in Amazon, ebay and Shopify without any technical knowledge.

Functions :

  • Extract - extract the product, price, sales history, product review from any merchants or stores you like in marketplaces e.g. Taobao, Tmall
  • Convert - Convert the product data based on your own business rules and e.g. sales margin, shipping cost, tags, SEO keywords. The system will translate the product description from Chinese to English 
  • List - Export the marketplace listing file and list to your sales channel e.g. Amazon, ebay and Shopify (facebook, Instagram)

Marketplace :

  • Amazon (all locales)
  • Taobao (China)
  • Tmall (China)
  • ebay (all locales)
  • Price.com.hk (Hong Kong)
  • Gmarket.com (South Korea)

Data :

  • Product title and description
  • Selling price
  • Sales history
  • Product image
  • Seller rating
  • Customer product review

Listing Support :

  • CSV
  • Amazon (New UPC code available for listing)
  • ebay (via Inkfrog)
  • Shopify