Taobao Tmall Products Sell to Global

We resolve all the problems you need to start eCommerce

Our system enable you collect any Taobao, Tmall & products data and sales data and upload them to your Amazon, ebay and Shopify online store. You do not need technical knowledge and spend money to buy inventories until you got your first order.

You see a very good Taobao, Tmall & products and want to sell in your online store? 

  • You want to start your own eCommerce business but do not want to spend money to buy inventory?
  • You want to earn additional income in spare time?
  • You want to run your own business in Amazon, ebay, Shopify and Facebook?
  • You do not have time to learn HTML skills and software to design the product page?
  • You do own any UPC code to list products to Amazon?


With our data, our market intelligence* is enable to deliver the product, transaction and customer feedback of your competitors, a specific brand, product categories, SKU from multiple E-Commerce platforms including Amazon, ebay, Taobao, Tmall, 1688, Gmarket, Price.

* separate subscription is required


1. Sales Trend Analysis

- Sales distribution by size

- Net sales vs last month sales by date

- Sales distribution by gender

2. Sales and Demographic Correlation

- Retailer and brand correlation by sales

- Color and age correlation by sales


3. Inventory Turnover Analysis

- Top product by stock availability

- Sell through rate

- Stock contribution by gender

4. Product Analysis

- Top product by sales

- Top products by inventory

5. Sentiment Analysis

- Positive and negative feedback count by brand or materials


 To extract raw data for analysis, our system supports any types of products.


Step 1 : Select the E-Commerce site to collect data

Step 2 : Automatic collect the product, transaction history and behaviour data

Demonstration - Taobao and Tmall


Demonstration -

Step 3 : Set automatic business rules

Step 4 : Import product data to Shopify, Amazon, ebay and Facebook


Functions :

  • Collect - you can search any Taobao Tmall products. When you see a good product,you can login to our system and our system will collect the product and sales data.
  • Set you own business rules - You login to our system and set the sales margin, shipping cost, SEO keywords for each product categories. The system also supports translation.
  • Upload - Our system will deliver the product file to you. The product file include your own business rules. You can decide to receive the Amazon, ebay, Shopify or facebook product file. You simply login to your online store and upload the product file. You do not disclose your seller account information to us. You can keep your privacy.
  • Full automation - You only need to search a good product. You do not need to learn anything. Our system helps you to sell products to global.

Support to E-Commerce Platform :

  • Amazon (all regions)
  • Taobao (China)
  • Tmall (China)
  • ebay (all regions)
  • (Hong Kong)
  • (South Korea)
  • (China)

Data Coverage:

  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Brand name
  • Size
  • Colour
  • SKU number
  • Selling price
  • Sales history
  • Total number of inventory
  • Product image URL
  • Customer product review


Sample Data File:

1 product