About DataSunday

DataSunday.com is the data extraction and business intelligence product developed by Trademonday Limited.


Our Story - Trademonday

TradeMonday was inspired by the financial model - Arbitrage. Applying artificial intelligence, TradeMonday disrupted the eCommerce profitability model by optimizing the highest margin portfolio less than a minute without technical integration and human error. The team mixed with financial profession, digital marketing and A.I professor. TradeMonday has started to validate the business model since 2016, and consistently endorsed by different incubation, industry awards, VC from Asia and United States.


Alibaba Top 10 eCommerce award

2016 Hong Kong

EY Accelerating Entrepreneur Award

2016 Hong Kong

Founders Space Accelerator Program

2016 Silicon Valley

Plug & Play Entrepreneur in Residence

2016 Silicon Valley

Cyberport Hall of the Fame

2017 Hong Kong

XRC Labs Demo Day

2017 New York