E-Commerce Data Analytic

With our data, our market intelligence is enable to deliver the product, transaction and customer feedback of your competitors, a specific brand, product categories, SKU from multiple E-Commerce platforms including Amazon, ebay, Taobao, Tmall, 1688, Gmarket, Price.


1. Product Demand Optimization

Sales Trend Analysis includes

- Sales distribution by size

- Net sales vs last month sales by date

- Sales distribution by gender


2. Brand and Competitor Analysis

Brand correlation analysis includes

- Sales and Demographic Correlation

- Retailer and brand correlation by sales

- Color and age correlation by sales

 3. Inventory Optimization

Inventory Turnover Analysis includes

- Top product by stock availability

- Sell through rate

- Stock contribution by gender

- Top product by sales

- Top products by inventory

4. Customer Sentiment Analysis

Customer Sentiment Analysis includes

- Positive and negative feedback count by brand, product materials, customer demographic


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