SaaS Customer Loyalty Mobile Platform

Product Features

Traditional bonus point programs rely on stamp collection cards in paper form. Our Customer Loyalty Mobile Platform enables customers to digitally earn bonus points on every purchase and redeem coupons in QR codes for future purchases. The platform digitalises end-to-end customer loyalty experiences so as to drive incremental sales of our clients.


  • Build customer loyalty to encourage regular purchases
  • Differentiate businesses from competitors
  • Gain customer insights through comprehensive reports
  • Contain built-in customer loyalty application, merchant application and administrative platforms
  • Drive repeat sales through targeted marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Enable clients to build their own customer loyalty platform without the need of in-house IT specialties
  • Display full earned points and redemption record
  • Apply widely to both chain stores and individual stores

Customer Functions:

Bonus Point Feature

  • Allow customers to earn bonus points by uploading sales receipts

  • Identify sales receipt data by AI technology

  • Allow customers to view valid bonus points and transaction history

  • Send instant notifications to customers 

Rewards Feature

  • Support different types of digital coupons: discounts, gifts or services
  • Employ an easy-to-use interface 

  • Provide clear redemption summaries and simplify redemption procedures


    Merchant Functions:

    • Adopt a straightforward and convenient interface

    • Enable customers to scan redemption coupons

    • Generate redemption and bonus point reports 


          Admin Functions:

          • Merchant Management

            • Manage all shops / tenants / merchants in a user-friendly platform
            • Generate comprehensive reports with merchant details

          • E-coupon Management
            • Allow users to add and view digital coupons 
            • Contain filters for customized searches for desired coupons

          • Bonus Point Management

            • Set bonus point rules, such as expiry dates and transaction limits
            • Allow clients to retrieve the sales receipts record
            • Grant the administrators to add or delete bonus points

          • User Management 
            • Permit the setting of different user access rights
            • Contain filters for customized searches for different types of users


          • Build your own customer loyalty mobile application starting from HKD 999 per month

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