Shopify Data Integration (HKD)- & Gmarket

Shopify Data Integration (HKD)- & Gmarket

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Service Highlight

No inventory and advance payment to start your Shopify business. You can easy to sell any and Gmarket products in your Shopify Store. You only need to purchase the products once got an order from Amazon order. Our system will automatically automate the product sourcing ( and Gmarket) and product listing (Shopify, and you can ride on Shopify to broadcast the listing to ebay or Facebook).

Scope of Services

1. System Set-up: Integration of and Gmarket data to your Shopify Store.

2. Product listing: Generate and upload the and Gmarket product listing file to Shopify format based on your desired product categories and sales margin. This supports to update 2 times listing per month.

3. Supplier List: The supplier list will be provided for your order handling and procurement


Out of Scopes

The customer service, procurement and logistics will not handle by DataSunday, but you can subscribe our C.S. and logistic service separately.

Service Fee

The service fee will be charged in HKD in monthly basis.

This supports to update 2 times of the listing per month.