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E-Commerce Data Analytic

With our data, our market intelligence dashboard enables to deliver the product, transaction and customer feedback of your competitors, a specific brand, product categories, SKU from multiple E-Commerce platforms

How to use DataSunday?

Login and collect any E-Commerce product info, transaction history, selling price and customer behaviour data for analysis. Further, you can set business rules automatic import data to your Shopify, Amazon, ebay and Facebook online stores to start e-commerce business.

Step 1 : Select the E-Commerce site to collect data

Step 2 : Automatic collect the product, transaction history and behaviour data

Step 3 : Set automatic business rules

Step 4 : Import product data to Shopify, Amazon, ebay and Facebook

Product Features

24 x 7 cloud platform

1,000 servers to offer round-the-clock stable data collection

Unlimited data collection

Our AI technology disrupts various captcha and IP address limitation

Effortlessly find products

Quickly add any Taobao Tmall products to into online stores

Build your own business rules

Set your own sales margin and shipping fee

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