Marketplace Data Extraction

Why you need data extraction tools?

Are you sick of searching  product one by one on each marketplace, just to get the necessary data for analysis?

DataSunday is the data extraction technology allows you to extract the most up-to-date product and sales data on selected marketplaces in excel format, so you can do further analysis such as margin analysis, competitor analysis..etc for your specific business needs.

Unlike other marketplace data applications, DataSunday offers the maximum flexibility to capture any kinds of marketplace data in the editable excel format.

Functions :

  • Extract - extract the product, price, sales history, product review from any merchants or stores you like in marketplaces e.g. Taobao, Tmall

Marketplace :

  • Amazon (all locales)
  • Taobao (China)
  • Tmall (China)
  • ebay (all locales)
  • (Hong Kong)
  • (South Korea)

Data :

  • Product title and description
  • Selling price
  • Sales history
  • Product image
  • Seller rating
  • Customer product review

Export Data Format

  • CSV


Demonstration - Amazon

 Demonstration - Taobao and Tmall