E-Commerce Platforms Data Collection


Why E-Commerce Seller or Business Research Agency need our data collection tools?

DataSunday is the data collection technology. Our system enable you to collect the most up-to-date product, transaction and customer behaviour data from major E-Commerce marketplaces in excel format. So you can use the data for further analysis such as margin analysis, competitor analysis..etc.



Support to E-Commerce Platforms:

  • Amazon (all regions)
  • Lazada.com (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam)
  • Taobao (China)
  • Tmall (China)
  • JD.com (China)
  • Rakuten.co.jp (Japan)
  • ebay (all regions)
  • Price.com.hk (Hong Kong)
  • Gmarket.com (South Korea)
  • 1688.com (China)
  • Shopee.com (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philiphines)
  • Tokopedia (Indonesia)

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    Step-by-Step Demonstration on E-Commerce Data Collection:

    Demonstration - Amazon

    Demonstration - Lazada (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam

    Demonstration - Shopee (Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)

    Demonstration - Tokopedia

    Demonstration - Aliexpress

    Demonstration - Taobao and Tmall


    Demonstration - 1688.com


      Functions :

      • Collect - you can search any products by brands and keywords and our system will collect the corresponding product, transaction, customer behaviour data
      • Save scrapping URL - You can save up to 100 URL in order to sync the price and product change of specific seller store or product category
      • Re-start - In case of any accidental issue e.g. disconnect internet, you can re-start the last scraping URL. It saves a lot of efforts

      Data Coverage :

      • Product title
      • Product description
      • Brand name
      • Size
      • Colour
      • SKU number
      • Selling price
      • Sales history
      • Total number of inventory
      • Product image URL
      • Seller rating
      • Customer product review
      • ASIN (Amazon only)
      • Lowest selling price (Amazon and ebay only)
      • Model, MPN, Part number (Amazon only)
      • People also interest product (Amazon only)

      Data Deliverable :

      • CSV


      Contact : TradeMonday Limited

      Email : trademondaytvp@gmail.com

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