5 Dropshipping websites in China

A list of Chinese wholesale websites can make your business easier. So, today I will show you 10 of the best and cheapest Chiense wholesale websites, and also make a simple introduction for each supplier.


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China is ranked the second largest economy in the world after the US. With its continued high production of goods and services of various kinds, the country is fast becoming the envy of many nations. As it is today, there are many Chinese wholesale websites which are not just getting better by the day but now by hours. With new ideas that spring up to new inventions, new companies, and of course new Chinese wholesale websites, the Chinese economy is indeed growing geometrically.

According to an IBIS World report, the wholesale-retail sector is projected to keep growing at the rate of 5.3% from its current 1.4% growth rate. The Chinese wholesale market has the potential to continue to grow and develop. With a high number of both big and small wholesale companies, that a more prosperous future awaits China wholesale markets is an obvious fact. Already, there are best wholesale drop shipping companies and dropshipping websites scattered throughout the length and breadth of China.


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Image showing China as the 2nd largest economy according (Source: Wikipedia)


China wholesale websites list

 Among the countless China online wholesale websites that are out there, we shall be introducing 5 trusted and cheap Chinese wholesale websites and dropshipping websites that you can trust. The China wholesale websites list that made our first 5 are Chinabrands.com, Alibaba.com, DHgate.com, Made-in-china.com, AliExpress.com

1. Chinabrands.com


Chinabrands is one of the biggest and best online Chinese wholesale websites in China. They are known for cheap and quality products of various kinds. They simply sell any and everything including clothes, accessories, jewellery, and even home décor. They do fast delivery to any country whatsoever, and also offer dropshipping services to their customers. This site is regarded as one of the cheapest Chinese wholesale websites. Evidently, Chinabrands is one of the best wholesale drop shipping companies in the word


Chinabrands is among the foremost Chinese dropshipping websites and it has product categories like sports and entertainment, bags, watches, shoes, home décor, furniture, electronics, etc.


2. Alibaba.com


Since 1999, Alibaba.com has been serving the world with their excellent wholesale of a variety of products. Alongside Chinabrands, Alibaba.com is among the best wholesale dropshipping websites in China. They sell about 40 major product categories and get their products from multiple suppliers and sells to millions of buyers.   


They are a Chinese dropshipping website that is absolutely reliable and business minded. With Alibaba.com, it is easy to search and contact your desired supplier.


3. DHgate.com


One of China’s best wholesale dropshipping company which is also regarded as one of the cheapest Chinese wholesale websites was established in 2004 to cater to both suppliers in China and global buyers. DHgate bridges the Gap between buyers and sellers with their excellent dropshipping service. They have numerous product categories numbering up to 29. Some of these include fashion accessories, home accessories, food, beverages etc.  


This Chinese wholesale website gives buyers the opportunity to purchase goods at any quantity as small as 1. That is, they have no minimum order. They are also one the cheapest Chinese wholesale websites.



4. Made-in-china.com


Founded in the year 1998, Made-in china.com is also one of the best wholesale drop shipping companies in China. They promote quality China made products.

They have a business relationship with top product suppliers in China and they provide their dropshipping services to interested buyers all over the world. They provide products information of about 27 categories and 3,600 subcategories.


5. AliExpress.com


AliExpress offers a very good seller guarantee, efficient return policy, and on-time delivery of fewer than 60 days no matter your location. They are one of the cheapest Chinese wholesale websites as they offer the product at very affordable prices too. This Chinese wholesale website is a one-stop wholesale online store for more than 44 product categories.








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