Detecting the Best Products for Stores

Being an online seller comes with a lot of knots to loose. You must never stop idea creation if you want to be progressive. Starting from getting the perfect supplier for the most lucrative products to ensuring a good sales performance of your store, e-business poses puzzles that you must solve to succeed.

Undoubtedly, a pain point for all online sellers is knowing the sales performance of products as swift as possible. it can be challenging sometimes but with Datasunday it is now simple.

With our market intelligence tool, we keep an eye on all product types in,, and to know their sales performance. Furthermore, we have extracted on a dashboard the Top 100 best selling products for rapid sales growth and performance. With this, you would see the best products to get on store.   

Also, we have for you the chrome scraper tool to extract  product sales data of selling items. Our top 100 selling products dashboard is available for Taobao, Tmall and 1688 to show you the data of these products. 

 And lastly, for ease in product selection and reduction of the risk of over stocking, Datasunday has figured out a dashboard which projects the top 100 best selling product source in  ( sourcing site). This also contributes to the progression of one’s business.

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