E_commerce trends 2020

The development of e-commerce in this digital age is bound to be rapid due to the fact that mobile devices, the core equipment of E_commerce face jaw breaking innovations incessantly. This suitable society for e-commerce enhances its permanent state and assures its presence in years to come.

Fortunately, Statistics show a massive increase in E-commerce last year.  As posited by eMarketer, there was a 14% increase in the amount customers spend on E-commerce in 2019 and also, virtually  80% of the people using the Internet purchased online.

This New Year, we await a massive increase in the world of E-commerce and for you to be a top gainer from this increase, you must go beyond creating websites, and stocking products there to sell. Rather, In 2020, below are the two possible development/trends which you should know.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Today, AI is used by several organizations as it improves several aspects of their organization. AI technology helps to spot market patterns and Segmentation of Customers using people's browsers history and enhances a strong customer_seller relationship with its personalization strategies.

    2.  Marketing Automation

With Marketing Automation, higher gains are achievable this year as it has developed from just automatic media posts and mails. It entails features that make carts available easily and customized landing pages. With MA, you can mobilize more buyers for yourself.

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