Best Practice of Email Marketing

Without a doubt, you would agree with me that one of the major forces that raise the progression and demand for any dropshipping business is its promotion/marketing. Agreeably, promoting your business as a dropshipper can be done through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others but with Email, there is a different dimension to it which is distinct from other platforms'.

With Email marketing, you have the privilege to have a more direct interaction with your clients and also keep your conversation as earnest as possible. This is because emails are seen as carriers of serious messages used by standard institutions. As a dropshipper, you are the channel that connects the retailer and the consumer and to be successful in doing this, you must not be short of broadcasting your business via emails.

Email marketing is very easy, you just have to follow its protocol of creating succinct Welcome mails, Abandon chart mail, post-purchase mail and Reactivation mail

Welcome mails: this is the first piece a client that signs up for your services must see. It should be receptive, doubt clearing and direct in nature.

Abandon chart mails: For any client that leaves without taking any action, a follow-up mail should be sent to the client to understand the reason for the action.

Post-purchase mail: this is an appreciative mail sent to a client after purchase. The intent behind this mail is to make the client patronize you again.

Reactivation mail: the content of this mail may include festive greetings such as birthdays, independence, Christmas and many others.

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