2020 was a breathtaking year and it was a huge one for the eCommerce industry due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The effect of the lockdown, and the pandemic changed a lot of things in the eCommerce industry. That metamorphosis will stretch till 2021 and beyond.
So, if getting more traffic, and converting them into loyal customers is your aim this year, then you are at the right place. All you need to do is to take note of these latest trends/tips for eCommerce in 2021 to be discussed below.

  1. Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to facilitate good inventory management and onboard experience.

  2. Create a more intimate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by drafting customer experience around their data.

  3. Data analytics will thrive this year. So, carry out data analytics on customer info like buying habits, demographics, etc. Also, make reports and note what content attracts customers to your store.

  4. Online buying won't be limited to B2C products. The acceleration the pandemic brought to eCommerce might slow down a bit this year. So, start selling D2C or D2B.

  5. Leverage API enabled and headless eCommerce as they enable innovative ideas.

  6. Utilize video content, it's a trend that attracts more customers.

  7. Subscription sustains customers. So, it's important to get your customer to subscribe.

  8. Payment methods also determine if a customer will buy a product or not. For this reason, have more payment options.

  9. Use influencers on social media to promote your brand.

  10. Leverage online platforms: self-service platforms will help facilitate your growth. If you are new, join to ease your journey.

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