Asian eCommerce Awards 2021 亞洲電子商務大獎

We are excited to share that our All-in-one eCommerce Dropshipping and Analytic Solutions has received a Silver award for the “Best eCommerce Solution” and a Bronze award for the “Best eCommerce Campaign – Cross-border/ Multimarket” in the Asian eCommerce Awards 2021 (Singapore). 

Our solution offers a timely market response for new product launches, enabling our clients to optimize their inventories and boost sales margins in competitive marketplaces. Leveraging Machine Learning and AI technologies, our all-in-one solution collects a large volume of quality data from clients and global suppliers and subsequently converts the insights into actionable suggestions tailored for our clients. We take it a step further by integrating the responsive results to online seller stores, facilitating eCommerce Automation and achieving a significant increase in sales conversion rate and user base growth.

We are very grateful to have received such a distinguished honor and would like to express our deep gratitude for the dedicated work done by our team. DataSunday will continue to strive in data extraction and the provision of business intelligence services in order to assist our clients in developing the best marketing and product strategies.


DataSunday的解決方案為新產品提供及時的市場回應,讓客戶能夠優化庫存並於競爭激烈的市場中提高銷售利潤。利用Machine Learning及人工智能技術,我們的一體化解決方案從客戶及全球供應商收集大量優質數據,將資訊轉化成為客戶度身定制之可行建議。我們進一步將回應結果整合到網上商店,以推動電子商務自動化,促進銷售轉化率及用戶群增長。

我們非常榮幸獲得此項榮譽,亦希望在此感謝我們團隊的辛勤工作。 DataSunday 將繼續竭力提供數據提取及商業智能服務,以協助我們的客戶制定最佳的營銷和產品策略。