Be Your Own Boss: You are an entrepreneur, not a worker 踏上老闆之路:您是企業家,不是工人

“Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.” – Tony Hsieh

You have a few things to think about before kicking-start the business.
1. What is your target market? What are you going to sell?
2. How to gather up-to-date product and market information?
3. How to automate the business process from sourcing, pricing, to selling?

When we come to the last question, you should have an outline of your E-commerce business in mind (Check out the previous episode by clicking the #BeYourOwnBoss tag).

Operating an E-commerce business still requires you to check out the supplier's offers and list the desired products on your site. Inputting the product details including description, price, size, colour, stock, etc. could be frustrating when you are going to do it every day.

Apart from inputting the product information for the first time, you have to maintain your product portfolio on an ongoing basis. Can you imagine how much routine works you need to do every day especially when you have multiple selling channels? Why people are still doing it MANUALLY?

With the aid of DataSunday all-in-one drop-ship solution, you will handle no more routine drag-and-drop admin work. You can focus on marketing and core accounts.

DataSunday is here to help you to automate the whole E-commerce model, from retrieving the supplier's inventory, setting your price, to fulfilling orders, and tracking the sales performance.


Feel free to talk to us if you are interested to get your routine works done by computer. Ciao!

“追求願景,而不是金錢;金錢最終將跟隨你。” – 謝家華(Tony Hsieh)


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借助DataSunday多合一直接運送方案,您將不再需要進行單調常規的管理工作。 DataSunday可以幫助您自動化整個電子商務模型,從檢索供應商的庫存,設置價格到跟踪銷售業績,一舉包辦。

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