DataSunday 幾秒鐘內揭示供應商及其產品的銷售業績?


Datasunday能全天候監控淘寶、天貓、1688、Lazada、Shopee、ebay等全球市場所有產品類別的銷售表現的原因。 我們能揭示美妝、家居、女裝等主要產品類別中前 10 名暢銷產品,以確保您可以確定優質供應商和產品以增加在線銷售。

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How DataSunday reveals the sales performance of suppliers and their products in a second?


As an online seller, it is difficult to find the best suppliers and best-selling products that can help to boost your store's sales performance, quality of product, and supply chain.

Datasunday can monitor the sales performance of all product categories in global markets such as Taobao, Tmall, 1688, Lazada, Shopee, eBay, etc. anytime. It can easily reveal the top 10 best sellers in major product categories like beauty, home, womenswear, etc, and identify quality suppliers and products to increase your online sales in a more effective way.

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Our drop-ship solution can also collect a large amount of complete data for further analysis, such as profit margin analysis, competitor analysis and etc.

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