Dropshipping 101【1】直運 Dropshipping 全攻略


Dropshipping is definitely not something new; however, the advance of eCommerce and retail technologies make the magic happens.

In the following series, we are going to examine the mechanism, benefits, shortcomings, and the complete tutorial for you all to kickstart a dropshipping business.


Dropshipping is a type of retail fulfillment methods. It is a variation of business model. Simply put, a dropshipping business DO NOT keep inventory. Whenever you receive an order from your customers, you will pass the order to your suppliers / purchase the captioned stocks from the suppliers. Finally, ship the products to the customers by you or the suppliers.

So you may say, that is an ordinary business model and nothing special. Yes, you’re right, but next, let’s imagine how the latest retail technologies and tools could make it becomes one of the commonly-adopted business models.

You could easily figure out the most important parts of operating a dropshipping business: How to get the best selling product and reliable suppliers, How to streamline the procedure, and how to ship the products seamlessly.

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直運 Dropshipping 全攻略【1】


在接下來的系列中,我們將研究直運 Dropshipping 的機制、優點、缺點和一個完整的教程,以幫助大家開始您的直運業務。





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