Dropshipping 101【3】 直運 Dropshipping 全攻略

Welcome back! After reviewing the pros of dropshipping, we shall investigate the cons, too.

First and foremost, inventory tracking could be difficult. When the number of suppliers increases with your products provided, you would need to track multiple suppliers’ stocks.

Second, imagine a customer buying 3 products that you sourced from 3 separate suppliers. How can you arrange the shipment seamlessly and cost-effectively?

Thirdly, the reliability of your suppliers is crucial to make your business sustainable. What can be done to filter those who behaved badly and establish long-term partnerships with “golden suppliers”?

Next, as the variety of the products are much greater than traditional sellers, the difficulty of branding and customization is higher. In other words, how to maintain good branding and even add value to your service through customization?

Finally, to be honest, the competition is still fierce and many of dropshipping businesses are earning a low margin, compared to traditional counterpart. Simply put, the input is low, as well as the output.

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