Tik Tok and Drop-Shipping? Why not Both?

No doubt, dropshipping hacks are all over the Internet. In fact, with just a Google search, you can access thousands of them; whether for blog posts, Facebook pages, or Instagram posts. But have you ever thought of Tik Tok and dropshipping? Yes, Tik Tok.

As an emerging platform looking for ways to compete with the huge platforms in the game, TikTok is tilting towards enabling eCommerce. One significant move the platform has made in that regard is its Live-stream shopping.


With this new feature, content creators on TikTok can leverage the platform to display their goods. During a live stream, you can display your items of any kind while your audience/ potential buyer can purchase them by selecting and adding them to their cart.

This feature, although new, has proven to be effective. In China, it is predicted that by 2022, over $400bn worth of products will be sold live streaming. According to Taobao, China's largest online market, over $500bn will be generated by them through live streaming next year.

What are you waiting for? Join the moving train by putting your products on TikTok to also leverage the live streaming feature. 

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